About us

Anofia was founded in 2019 by our CEO and is the world’s first floating island cruise. Anofia was founded by CEO Sir Harry Anderson, a former luxury boat cruise owner. With over 10 years of experience in tourism and travel he finally took the step to follow his long awaited dreams to have a vacation without the hassle of picking hotel and destination, Harry wanted to make life easy for his customers and realised while working that this was a great idea. Mark Zuckerberg is Co-founder of Anofia.
Harry Anderson
The CEO Harry Anderson is well-known for his vulgar business ideas. None believed in his dreams until they stepped into the Island Cruise™ Anofia.
Mark is the CEO and founder of a well known Global company and investor of Anofia.
Captain Eric
Our Captain Eric has over 25 years of experience out in the sea. Once he was shipwrecked in the Bermuda Triangle and survived 18 months on a remote island with a basketball namned Sunday as only companion. Captain Eric has a 5-star experience and is the perfect Captain for this luxury island cruise™ that is offered by Anofia.
10, 000 People
Island Crew
With over 10,000 employees we offer a 5-star service in all branches.